Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: What is a Quick Services?

    A: A Quick Services is a term used for a skilled tradesman such as an Electrician, Plumber, AC Technician, Painter or Carpenter etc.


    Q: What is 'Quick Services' and what services do you exactly provide?

    A: Quick Service provides Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC Technicians. We can also provide Wall Painters, Carpenters, Cleaners (Janitors) and other Technicians to homes and offices in Islamabad. You no longer have to worry about finding a reliable and effective man to do your routine repairs at home or office. We can further provide services related to new construction.


    Q: Do I need to sign up or require membership?

    A: No you do not need any kind of membership. Just give us a call and we will give you the details.


    Q: Why I should I use your services?

    A: Simple! Finding a trained, trustworthy, and reliable repairer in Islamabad is just not easy these days. We provide repairer who are well-trained, well-equipped, professional, friendly and reliable. We also promise satisfaction, and hence give you a complete peace of mind! We further offer our services at very affordable and competitive rates.


    Q: What if I am not satisfied?

    A: Your satisfaction is our top priority! Subject to our Terms & Conditions, if in the unlikely event you are not satisfied or if you feel like the job was not properly done, we will send you another repairer to do the work as required. Please note that you can only claim a free return service if you report a problem within 48 hours. Further note, we cannot give a guarantee / warranty on Parts, as their quality is beyond our control.


    Q: Can I provide you with the materials for the repair?

    A: Of course! You can buy and provide the material and pay us just for the labour & service fee as described on the “Prices” page. If you would like us to provide the required materials or parts, please note that we may add a handling charge to their (parts) price.


    Q: Are your prices negotiable?

    A: Sorry, all our prices are fixed for small jobs. Our Prices are very affordable and competitive (click here to see our rates). If however, you have a large project for us, such as works related to construction and structural changes, we can consider offering you special rates on “contract” basis. Contact us to discuss this further.


    Q: How do I pay with cash?

    A: You can pay our repairer (or technician) in cash, when he completes the job at your premises, and provides you with an official invoice.


    Q: How long is the wait between the service request & the repairer arrival?

    A: We aim to provide you a repairer as soon as possible. Usually the repairer will arrive to you within 2 hours unless there are extraordinary circumstances*.


    Q: Can I request your workmen to do my other works?

    A: No you may not do this. If you require any work beyond the agreed scope, please call our helpline to discuss it further.


    Q: What do I need to provide?

    A: When you call us, let us know roughly what work needs to be done. Leave us your name, address, phone number and tell our call centre agent a convenient time for our repairer to arrive at the premises.


    Q: How do I make payments?

    A: We accept cash and cheque payments. 


    Q: How do I get invoiced / billed?

    A: We will invoice you after the work has been completed. 


    Q: What are your Timings / Working Hours?

    A: We are open 7 Days a Week (Monday to Sunday) from 9AM to 6PM. We can also work beyond these hours (overtime) at extra charges as detailed on our prices section.


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