Seepage and Leakage Treatment

Waterproofing, seepage, and leakage treatment:

Quick services deals in all types of Waterproofing, Seepage and leakage problems like water tank leakage, bathroom leakage, wall leakage.

We provide the following Services

Bathroom/wall leakage

Bathroom leakage is the main problem for seepage,if it's not being solved then there is seepage in walls too so to prevent seepage, we have to solve bathroom leakage. For this purpose we use standard chemicals that goes through holes and fill up cracks,If the problem is not solved we have to break some tiles and explore pipelines.


If there is a leakage in any part of home then its a guarantee that seepage would come solve this problem we examine all walls, pipes in the kitchen  and bathroom.

Water tank leakage:

We have standard and tested quality water-proofing chemicals to solve the water tank leakage problem and results are 100% as we never get back any complain till this date. All cracks and damps are being removed with just 2 water-proofing coatings.


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